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Introducing Starlight. She like parties and celebrates just about everything.This is a one of a kind hand crafted kitty cloth doll made with unique vintage materials and other fine bits.

Her body is 100% cotton and her interior is poly fill. She has a heart applique on her chest with a very special quote printed on it. Her feet are covered with vintage star sequins and beads that sparkle in the light. Her face is embellished with vintage rhinestone buttons for eyes, vintage 1920's pink beads are used for her nose and dark grey silk velvet for her ears.

Her party outfit is made with antique pure white cotton dimity. The dress has a ribbon and lace sash that ties in a bow in the back and vintage star sequins trimming the bottom. Underneath she has a cotton dimity and lace pair of pantaloons.

Her accessories are a party had that is covered with antique lace, trimmed with star sequins and dusted with glitter, and a parchment flag on an bamboo pole that says "Ain't no party like a kitty cat party, cuz a kitty cat party don't stop". There are little slide pockets on the paws so that she can hold her things.


This is a one of a kind, hand crafted object of art. Because of the fine and antique materials, it may not withstand regular or rough play, therefore, it is best kept as display on a shelf, chair, or bed. This is not a toy for small children.


Measurements - approximately 24 inches long, .61 meters


  • Details

    Although this sweet girl looks child friendly, she may be best for older children to gently play with. Otherwise, she will look perfectly darling sitting in a chair, on a shelf or on the bed.
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