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Quietly Amused Brooch

Quietly Amused Brooch

A lovely brooch, featuring a vintage ballerina image printed onto silk crepe de chine. This brooch hangs from a pink silk ribbon bow with a bejeweled center that is hand embroidered with crystal gems, natural pearls, gold wire and glass beads.


The charming sepia ballerina image is surrounded with cotton embroidery thread in shades of pale grey to ecru, worked into tiny french knots and sprinkled with sheer iridescent sequins and crystalline glass beads. The edges are embellished with apollo gold beads, natural pearls and iridescent crystals. Seven strands of crystal fringe with pink glass teardrop beads dance and dangle from the bottom. The glass teardrop beads at the bottom of the strands pick up the light and shimmer wonderfully.


The back of the brooch has a traditional brooch clasp, and silk velvet covering with a layer of antique lace. Much of the beads and fabric used in this piece are re-purposed from antique items.


This brooch measures approximately six inches long.

  • Care Instructions

    Due to its fabric construction and delicate parts, it is not recommended that this piece be worn in wet conditions or in rainy weather. Take care to keep this piece dry and store in a safe, moisture free area.

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