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Petunia is a sweet kitty who is dressed in antique layers of silk and cotton and loves flowers in her hair, so to speak. This is a one of a kind hand crafted kitty cloth doll made with unique vintage materials and other fine bits.


Her body is 100% cotton printed in beige and pink floral and her interior is poly fill. Her face is embellished with sparkling bright rhinestone buttons for her eyes, light pink glass beads from the 1920's for her nose. Mauve-grey silk velvet is sewn on with pink embroidery thread for her ears. 


Her unique embroidered dress is made with a layer of cream fine silk fabric that is over a hundred years old. The overlay has holes and tinged areas that add to antique look, and lace trim with sequins and bead embellishment. The hand embroidery work is simply amazing to behold. The underskirt is hand dyed pink cotton with crochet lace trim.  The waist and collar are embellished with very old hand tatted lace. Her ankles have big bows made from the same silk as the dress overlay. Her feet have flower sequins and beads. Petunia holds a parchment flag that says "I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch", from a lovely song by Imogene Heap.


This is a one of a kind, hand crafted object of art. Because of the fine and antique materials, it may not withstand regular or rough play, therefore, it is best kept as display on a shelf, chair, or bed. This is not a toy for small children. Also, because vintage and antique materials are used, expect minor imperfections, such as spots and pulled threads, that make each doll very unique and pretty in her own slightly distressed way.


Measurements - approximately 24 inches long.

  • Care Instructions

    Due to the delicateness of some of the antique materials and hand sewing this doll is not meant for the washing machine or for any immersion in water. Spot cleaning with a soft towel and a solution of detergent for delicates and water is recommended. 

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