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Lover's Eye Necklace

Lover's Eye Necklace

Lady Floralinde adored her garden. It was another world in which she could escape and live out a fantasia of splendorous petals and glittering things...A hand crafted and hand embroidered, originally designed, necklace with a focal point of hand dyed petals and beaded silk printed vintage image. The image is embellished with crystalline seed beads, aurora borealis rhinestones, and french wire. The rose is paired with two leaves, embroidered in the painted thread technique and backed with dupioni silk.


From the rose, five strands of beads meet at an antiqued bronze branch. There are a multitude of lovely natural stone and glass beads used, including - iridescent laboradorite, faceted round jade, small round aventurine, sheer pale rose quartz barrel beads, glass moonstone, glass smoked topaz, glass crystal, and silver-lined seed beads.


The necklace has an easy to use toggle clasp and measures about 18 inches long, with the lowest point resting around the top of the belly. The rose centerpiece will rest just below the collarbone.

  • Care Instructions

    Due to its fabric construction and delicate parts, it is not recommended that this piece be worn in wet conditions or in rainy weather. Take care to keep this piece dry and store in a safe, moisture free area.

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