Birthday Florale 4x6 Album Card

These hand crafted greeting cards are an original and unique way to show someone you care. Very different from traditional flat cards, they give you a way to personalize your message and give the receiver so much more added enjoyment when they can flip and pull sections and find secret compartments.

A fabulous happy birthday 4x6 inch album card. Made with lots of flips, pockets and tags, this card is made with a sturdy chipboard base and with edges hand painted in gold gilding all around. Fine papers in shades of french blue, brown, gold, cream and pink. The extra tags have a blank parchment area meant for your own writing or to add your own photos to. The center of the card features a happy birthday sentiment. The card closes with a jeweled button magnetic closure. A gift in itself.
  • Details

    This is an original, one of a kind, hand crafted item.




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