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A Lady's Aviary Art Assemblage Box

A Lady's Aviary Art Assemblage Box

When I designed this piece I imagined it holding miniature perfume bottles that you could put in the box and up into the aviary theater. Although, you could put all sorts of treasures in there. This special box features an aviary theater with a vintage ballerina image, printed on photo paper, and her little flying birds that dangle from the top of the "aviary" screen that is made of cream tulle and wire, The theater stage has a french painted grisaille background an old-world landscape scene. The stage has antique striped moiré fabric curtains and is trimmed with gold Dresden foil. The painted and distressed box is lined with moiré fabric and had bronze clasp hardware. All in all, this piece measures about 11 inches high and 7 inches wide. This piece would look lovely on a vanity or dresser.

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    This is a one of a kind piece.
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