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A bevy of pretty kitty dolls.  Cloth dols made of fine vintage fabrics and materials.

I happily exist in a magical, mystical world of my own creation. I know, it sounds super goofy, but it does exist and I want nothing more than to share it with you.

I think that's what every artist is trying to convey, really, the world that they feel exists and the feelings they get from it, everything that they create in their hearts and minds manifested into whatever medium they chose.


The world that I've created is lush and glittery. Its about a child-like joy. It's a place where I feel connected to everything that is heart-felt. My jewelry, party decorations, dolls and objects of art are inspired by the whimsy of vaudeville theater, vintage circus, the 1920's, victorian charm, antique sewing techniques, etc. 


There's a strange word for a feeling that I often have, 


n. nostalgia for a time you’ve never known. Imagine stepping through the frame into a sepia-tinted haze, where you could sit on the side of the road and watch the locals passing by. Who lived and died before any of us arrived here, who sleep in some of the same houses we do, who look up at the same moon, who breathe the same air, feel the same blood in their veins—and live in a completely different world.


And so, all of those dreams, desires and nostalgia, I try to focus them in my work. It's the only way I know to express this feeling. So, I peddle those dreams in The Dream Peddlery. For you to feel too.






J. Nisbet-Hoyle

The name The Dream Peddlery is inspired by this wonderful book by Frederic Clement ~

The Merchant of Marvels
and the Peddler of Dreams 
--Available here at Amazon--


... and by this poem by

Thomas Lovell Beddoes ~

If there were dreams to sell
What would you buy?
Some cost a passing bell
Some a light sigh
That shakes from Life's fresh crown
Only a rose leaf down
If there were dreams to sell
Merry and sad to tell
And the crier rung the bell
What would you buy?



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